In the early 1990s, I published a magazine called Deep Water with Kevin Moist and Bill Reader. Today, you can find Deep Water on line, thanks to Kevin and Nathaniel Rasmussen.

I contributed features and commentary. I wrote the features under a pen name. The commentary I signed myself, under the running title, “Strong Coffee.” If you know me, it fits.

I considered calling this blog “Strong Coffee,” but that belongs to Deep Water; not in the sense of commercial ownership, but rather something more existential than that.

“Strong Coffee” focused on producing Deep Water. We published Deep Water in the spirit of самиздат (samizdat). In the early ’90s desktop publishing was difficult. Computers had insufficient memory on the motherboard or in the disk. Desktop publishing and layout software was expensive. Printers were large, expensive and slow. In all, however, it’s easier than running off typewritten mimeographs in the basement with two locks on the door.

The point is: desktop publishing was new. As something new, the process of learning to use it and apply it wisely was a worthy topic.

This blog will not focus on CMS technology or what it is like to maintain a blog. I don’t think it is a worthwhile topic.

Instead, I think I will focus on history and democracy. Perhaps I’ll write about dogs, too. I rather like history, democracy, and dogs.

You should visit Deep Water Acres. I am on Facebook for social networking and Linked In for professional networking.

One last note regarding the banner: that is a design by William Morris. He is my favorite Utopian anarchist. I recommend reading News from Nowhere, if for no other reason than the experience of reading a novel without drama (similar to the joke about a phone book having great characters, not not much plot).

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  1. Rick Woodward says:

    I’m a William Morris fan. News from Nowhere is on my list of things to read after I get back from vacation in September, along with Robert Owen.

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