Teaching and Failing

For more than a year now, I’ve been working to teach peers and friends how to detect a the attitude of a team — and how to improve those attitudes.

It’s not going well.

I’m not especially surprised. I’m looped into a pattern of failing to teach this material. This pattern is more than twenty years old. I’ve had a lot of practice failing at it.

With Agile, I thought there might be a new in-road with a new community specializing in looking at familiar things with a new mindset.

I tried three lectures:

  1. A lecture on the accepting and rejecting attitudes (ALN Feb 17, RHAD 17)
  2. A lecture on the epistemological coaching language of structured acting (ARTp Feb 18)
  3. A lecture on the transitional attitudes (ALN Feb 18)

The results were the same: I created a combination of bored, excited, confused, and interested people who are somewhere between mostly and completely unable to apply anything I was talking about to any meaningful result.

What I did was entertain.

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